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If this country would get the lawsuits under control, get the bullshit insurance industry under control, more than likely health care wouldn't cost as much as it does, and more people would be able to afford it.

If not, it's called Darwinism - hard to accept? Yes. The way it should be? You betcha!

And yes, I know allowing to 'regulate' lawsuits/insurance is in a sense like socialism, but it's a lot further from it than "universal bullshit healthcare". Lawsuits for no reason at all tax the system, drive up the costs of insurance and fukc the rest of us. Am I saying never sue for malpractice? No. But there are numerous cases when that's simply not the case...

More so, I sincerely hope your teacher showed this movie to get you to think, research, and then discuss. Do some research - think the canuks have it great, talk to them on their system.....
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