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No locals involved. They were non-Islanders,,,

These people were renting a cabin out on the water in Scott's Bay.

On the rental property there was a lil drive that went down to the waters edge that allowed the owner of the rental cabin, to put in his dock. The 4x4 drivers drove down on that path to the water ..I guess they wanted to see how deep they could drive in the water,, then they noticed the property to the east was marshy ..., so,,,they left one piece of private property,,to drive into the Marsh, (another piece of private property,), once in the marsh,, the 4x4 drivers decided to tool around a bit, just to see if the could get stuck....

They were full size... well built. They were young drivers. They knew what they were doing,,, what they didnt realize,, was the person who called the DNR, liked to take a walk along the marsh (it was their own property) to observe the osprey nesting site. I believe the drivers thought nobody could see them from the blacktop or from the the water side. I'm guessing when I type this part, but I think, because they were pretty much hidden from view, they thought they could rip the marsh to shred's and get away with it. well, they did just that and more.

They mucked-up big time.. they hurt 4 wheeling on the Island (Just like the group did a year ago out in Maxton Plains..they were not local either... but in fairness,, some local hunters did start that illegal track the prior fall,,, the 4x4's made the mistake of running it the spring..
[the ground was wet and soft].. and made the track highly visable to the eye) ... Anyway the marsh drivers gave the anti's enough ammo to last for years to come. Once I found out just what occured.. I was really hot. Like I said to folks already.. that Judge let them off ....lightly. There is no sympathy at all from me.

(I just read the above post,,, I didn't realize they were the same group...I'll be damned... thanks ... it certainly does add up when I think about it)

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