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while i am not against medicare, i am in the healthcare field, and i am amazed how many people ARE on medicare... and i totally understand the college kid thing... my wife and i are both in graduate school for healthcare fields. last year she went to the hospital and we were slapped w/ a 3500 bill... AFTER her ins paid some of it...

we have to carry what insurance we can afford, but are inelligible for medicaid (yes we have looked into it)

to be elligible in the state of michigan, one of us has to be hospitalized, and then the state is entitled to 1/2 of our entire net worth as a couple (which right now is about -45,000). THEN we can be elligible.

sucks, cause people who need it aren't elligible, but people who need it and CAN get it can get 100,000's of dollars of healthcare for nothing, where id be paying about 50,000 of that for the rest of my life w/ the ins. i can afford.

not bitching, but our healthcare HURTS the lower-middle class/middle class people of our nation who can't really afford GOOD insurance, and can't get jobs that offer it. but i understnad it's a catch 22. i could move to canada and be covered by the govt. and buy a supplimental insurance plan and my healthcare would be as good as the high-class citizens in the U.S.

yet, i choose to live here and roll the dice w/ my potential hospitalizations (hope it's from a car crash, then im set by auto... haha)
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