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Default 5th wheel

i replied in a few wanted trailer threads and people asked for info about a trailer near my house for sale. So i finally got around to getting the info. THIS IS NOT MY TRAILER, nor do i know the person selling it. But here is a pic and some info i got from looking at it

heres the 5th wheel by my house

its long, probably fit 3 wranglers

appears the two front axles have brakes and the rearward most does not. looks like it has two spare tires. Sign said $3500.....the sign was pretty messed up, its been for sale on/off for like 2yrs+. The deck seemed pretty beat up but useable (was not wood, either alum. or metal). And it had ramps to get an axle on to the tongue of the mount (i think thats what those were for)

269 908 1019
Its located in Middleville (actually on M179 just NorthEast of Gun Lake)
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