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Originally Posted by noodles
caping off the egr will not cause your engine to run crapy, i have done this on mine before and it ran just fine. he cant pull it off if its not there. as for the month i have no clue on when they stoped. do you have stock manifolds? it sounds like its your o2 sensor. and i have a feeling tim ment a heated o2 sensor, but not positive on that. if you are dumping black crap out the exhause and its running crapy your o2 sensor is probley screwed up. the way i read your code, it is that the o2 sensor is not switching. you said your truck was a 96? is that obd 1 or obd2? cause they switched that year. so depending on when it was made.... im sure there is more but its like 1:30a and ive got other stuff on my mind so yeah hope it helps.

yes it does have stock manifolds, but i ran custom dual exhaust and one of the o2 is now an o2 simulator and the other one i just replaced about 4 months is an obd1...if it was an o2 problem wouldnt it come up as a code #21?
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