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Originally Posted by lgottler View Post
Story time:

My sister-in-laws husband seemed weird at first meeting. Knocks up my sister-in-law before they got married. 1 year later he decides to start wearing robes to make people "think" in his words. He started acting like a monk when he wasn't. Started wearing a robe all over town, sandals, etc... Started to preach to people and approach people he deemed in need of "help". Went so nuts he started wearing it to work (at a school) and after refusing to stop wearing it, the fired him, he lost all benefits for his new family, no income, stayed at home for 2 years living off his "retirement" and savings.

So, after he drained all money, in debt, wife and child he can't support, the local priest tells him he better stop wearing the getup cuz it aint right. Decides to stop going to that church......

We met at a picnic with family, he made a straight line right for me (cuz he knew I didn't believe in God etc...) and tried to rile me up into a fight! All the while wearing a monk robe.....Probably the funniest thing I've ever had happen to me!

Long story, heres the end: He's nuts. He is on multiple meds now, depressed one day, nutto the next. Finally has a shit job where they put up with his crap (doesn't have to talk to anyone) wife is working, has another kid. Wife didn't want to leave simply because of the children and hoping he returns to normal.... Meet him and he's happy and glad to see you and oh how wonderful everything looks etc...

My .02. There are nut jobs out there, you can't judge an entire religion on a handful of crazies....and as a side note, my wife is a devout Catholic who I support 100% cuz she believes it and doesn't bother me at all about my views.


Yeah, my wife's entire family is Catholic, but my wife doesn't fault me at all for my beliefs. The interesting thing is that because I have such an interest in science she is starting to learn new things and is now becoming interested in preserving the environment and reduce our consumption. We want to buy a house that we can put on as much solar power as possible. If she lands the job at Google that she's shooting for they have an alternative vehicle incentive where they'll help her pay for a hybrid, so she is eager to make the switch. But I digress. There are plenty of nut jobs in the world, but what bothers me is that many of them are parents, or at least attend a church with other people, and they DO have influence, and they DO perpetuate fear, which to me is the most overwhelming part of the bible.... Destruction, death and damnation if you don't fall to your knees and beg for forgiveness.... And many otherwise sane people believe it.
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