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Default Trailering advice...

Well I just bought an 87 F350 in Mount Pleasant and have no real way to get it to Traverse City, let alone a place to put it when I get the POS up here.....basically just bought it for the drivetrain.....Anyways.....

I've been considering getting a trailer for the last couple of years as it is, because I don't like the idea of running down the road in my wheeler what with all the cops and liability and all.....only problem is, I don't really have a "trailering friendly" tow rig type truck. What I have is a 96 GMC Sierra Z-71 Regular Cab short bed.....horribly useless for anything truckish in my opinion....but I really gotta work with what I got. I have pulled a YJ before on a trailer behind it for a short distance before. It did fine as far as powerwise to pull....It's got the Vortec 350 that still runs strong at 180,000 miles, but you really have to balance the load on the trailer just right so ya don't get too much weight on the tongue of the trailer and get that "ass down, nose up" look on the tow rig.

What I'm wondering is long distance wise, for towing a rig thats maybe 5000 Lbs on a 1500Lb trailer, how do you guys think this setup would fare? The wheeling rig is an Extended Cab Ranger with 38s and 1 ton axles. I understand it won't handle anywhere near like a dually crew cab truck would witha diesel, but for hauling the rig a couple hundred miles maybe once a month, what are your opinions on using my truck as a temporary tow rig for maybe the next year or so till' I can get something better?

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