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Originally Posted by AGoodBuzz View Post
First of all, the wealthiest people put very little in to our economy, but they are the largest load on our infrastructure. Corporations are 'legal persons' and they use more of our infrastructure than the entire citizenry combined. They are the ones that should pay the most, but Reagan got rid of the 90% taxation rule that this country prospered under for decades, and that's when the middle class started getting squeezed. Until we roll back the Reagan tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and 'legal persons' we will continue down this path.
This is the biggest line of bull I've seen in a long time.

1. The wealthiest people in the country are the ones who start new businesses that the "middle" class work for and make money. The more businesses that are available for them to work for, the higher the demand for workers and the higher the wages become.

2. The top 10% of wage earners pay 90% of the taxes in this country. Do you think they should pay the other 10% too? Talk about wealth redistirbution, hey why not make them pay all my bills too, I can't possibly be paying my fair share, that would make too much sense.

3. The middle class hasn't been getting squeezed. The middle class is shrinking because they are becoming rich (the upper class). That's right the middle class is shrinking the lower class is about the same and the upper class is growing.

I can only conclude that you're drinking the Kool-Aid.
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