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holy Crap look what all I have missed

First off Farm_boy any updates, did you Man up and tell the rents yet?

2nd telling him he needs to use a condom is a bit to late...

3rd like has been stated start buying diapers and formula now when its on sale Because you will need it and when the baby gets here you will be really broke and will need state or grandparents aide and thats not cool

4th if you work hard and you and the GF stick it out get hitched and strive for a better life things can go wrong...

did stan hit the nail on the head about screwing up 3 lives...yep there first few years at a minimum unless they hit the lotto is going to be tight and really suck so yes all 3 are going to suffer... dose it meen they can't have a good life Nope just a harder one then if they would have got married and a house then had a kid...

So proof them wrong fram-boy and doo good with this as you now have 2 other people to deal with
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