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Originally Posted by ~(__^> View Post
What have I said on here that makes me a retarted f'ing idiot?? none of you have any logical reason to be calling me any names at all. Your all no smarter than I am in certain things unless your a parent. And a lot of you agreed with me about the way stan said it.

FULLSIZE4LIFE::: You need to shut up. dont know me. dont wanna know me.
3.Your no better than me.
4. You drive a ford(so your not up to the level to even talk to me)

Ok listen hear you fucking maggot. If you feel the need to prove to me that your not a piece of shit bring your homo ass up and we will straiten this out. Im sure you are a badass but i will still be willing to discuss the whole " You are a Piece of shit" thing. So when ever you want Im here.

On the other note.............Fram_byo start saving money. I got a kid on the way and it is expensive. Kids not here yet and im broke already. Do what you got to do and man up. Kids can be great.....Its all in what you make of it.

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