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Originally Posted by Kodiak450r View Post
not this fucking arguement again. let the man do what he wants, if it breaks he'll hopefully know not to do it again. 2 words TEMP GAUGE! simple enough. keep it cool, and keep it from gear hunting and you can do whatever you want cuz it's your truck.
It wouldn't be an argument if people like Koktoy got an education.

Originally Posted by UP_ROKTOY View Post
Good to know you feel so highly of yourself.

I on the otherhand suggested he listen to someone who knows what they are talking about.

As is perfectly clear, your owners manual suggests not to do it, mine suggested to do it. he should consult his and someone who knows something about transmissions, not you.

I am with you Kodiak, temp guage should be all that is needed, as I mentioned it's the heat that is the enemy.
That would be you not knowing anything about transmissions but claiming you do. So obviously the quote was meant for you.

Here is the oldest Ford Towing recommendations I could find:
Driving with an Automatic Overdrive
• With certain car and compact truck
automatic overdrive transmissions, towing
– especially in hilly areas – may result in
excessive shifting between overdrive and
the next lower gear.
• If this occurs, it is recommended that the
overdrive gear be locked out to eliminate
the condition and provide steadier
performance (see your vehicle’s Owner
Guide for information).
• When there is no excessive shifting, use the
overdrive gear for optimum fuel economy.
• Overdrive also may be locked out to
obtain engine braking on downgrades.
BTW, For your truck it is also not recommended. It is however recommended you use "Tow-Haul" mode:

Page 4-54
If you have an automatic transmission, you can
tow in DRIVE (D). You may want to shift the
transmission to THIRD (3) or, if necessary, a lower
gear selection if the transmission shifts too often
(e.g., under heavy loads and/or hilly conditions).
See “Tow/Haul Mode” in the Index. If you have a
manual transmission and you are towing a trailer, it’s
better not to use FIFTH (5) gear. Just drive in
FOURTH (4) gear (or, as you need to, a lower gear).
Page 4-55
Tow/Haul Mode (If Equipped)
Tow/haul is a feature on automatic transmission
equipped vehicles that assists when pulling a heavy
trailer or a large or heavy load. The purpose of the
tow/haul mode is to:
Reduce the frequency and improve the predictability
of transmission shifts when pulling a heavy trailer or
a large or heavy load.
Provide the same solid shift feel when pulling a
heavy trailer or a large or heavy load as when the
vehicle is unloaded.
Improve control of vehicle speed while requiring less
throttle pedal activity when pulling a heavy trailer or
a large or heavy load.
Automatic transmission equipped vehicles are provided
with a button at the end of the shift lever which when
pressed enables tow/haul. When the button is pressed, a
light on the instrument panel will illuminate to indicate
that tow/haul has been selected. Tow/haul may be turned
off by pressing the button again, at which time the
indicator light on the instrument panel will turn off. The
vehicle will automatically turn off tow/haul every time it
is started.
Tow/haul is designed to be most effective when the
vehicle and trailer combined weight is at least 75% of
the vehicle’s Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR).
Tow/haul is most useful under the following
driving conditions:
When pulling a heavy trailer or a large or heavy load
through rolling terrain.
When pulling a heavy trailer or a large or heavy load
in stop and go traffic.
When pulling a heavy trailer or a large or heavy load
in busy parking lots where improved low speed
control of the vehicle is desired.
Operating the vehicle in tow/haul when lightly loaded or
with no trailer at all will not cause damage. However,
there is no benefit to the selection of tow/haul when the
vehicle is unloaded. Such a selection when unloaded
may result in unpleasant engine and transmission
driving characteristics and reduced fuel economy.
Tow/haul is recommended only when pulling a heavy
trailer or a large or heavy load.
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