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I did get a reply to a question I asked the other day.

One of the guys up here asked me a day or so ago if I had heard from the DNR about the C&D article. Since I've been wanting to talk to Pat Hallfrisch about how the ORV route progress for the Island was going, I decided to give him a call and brought up the C&D topic as well. We talked for abit... but later in the afternoon, I found he sent me this email. I've been meaning to post it, this is the 1st chance I've had.

I'm not sure how copy in a e-mail, if it ain't be it.
The e-mail was sent to me,, with copies going to Kyle Publiski (Local CO), Michael Paluda (Pats' Dept Head) and Walter Binder (CO, Kyle's SGT)

Here is the actual e-mail

{"Thanks for inquiring about the apparent "event" Car and Driver Magazine held on Drummond last fall and published an article on in their February issue. Not sure if you were inquiring as an individual or as President of the DI ORV Club but either way the following is the digested version of what I found out when I checked with Sgt. Binder. Apparently this is an ongoing investigation but as you might expect he cannot give me much more information until the details of the matter are looked into and decisions on what to do with facts are made. Having only one field officer on the east end the investigation may take a while to be completed. One thing I have been assured of and I am happy to report to you, is that this issue will not be dropped. An investigation WILL occur. From my experience you can take that to the bank so to speak.

All of us involved with this situation are aware there are many individuals and several organizations that are very interested in the disposition of this matter so if you have further questions I will be happy to address what I can. Also, any info you may have that would help the officers with their investigation would be most appreciated I am sure. Pat

Patrick Hallfrisch
Unit Manager,
Sault Ste Marie, MU
906 635-6161"}

So, as far as the DNR is concerned, they have not dropped the subject. I'm thinking the general thought is: What applies to one Group applies to everyone... ORV Event polices are defined and so are ORV regulations.
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