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im so fed up with the damn goverment and its all becuase of that canadian cunt granholm ... i used to think only she was the courrpt pice of shit ... then this happed ...WHAT THE fukc PEOPLE all i know is if that cunt hillary or the ****** obama get in office im movin to mexico ... i take that bak im movin to canada as long as granholm doesnt have that country in a head lock

Now I actually have a reason to vote for the . . . one less idiot on the US if they win

Grannholm ruining the US Is this guy serious?

Edit: I remember a few years ago when all the rednecks saying "if you don't like america then GET OUT" if you disagreed with the current administration and now that is seriously that stance they are taking when looking at the possible future administration

and just so you're not confused even though I might vote for Hillary just to run guys like the quoted above out of USA, I'm voting for Mitt if he gets the nod . . . if not I guess I'll once again pick the lesser of two evils

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