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Originally Posted by ttms91xj View Post
let me start out by saying i'm young (23), and follow politics more closely than many my age. while i think tax cuts are a good idea, i don't exactly agree with what the new tax rebate plan the house has put out.

now that the senate is working on their proposal, let me ask this: why is it that senate and select economist say that extending unemployment and food stamps will more directly inject the economy with money faster than these tax rebates??? am i the only person that thinks this is ass backwards???
My guess is that it's because by the time the funding is approved and the checks are sent out it will be June. At least from the estimate I read. The dem's want to send money to the "poor" and do it now. That way it can help them to win votes from people who are to stupid to realize that they are being bought and controled by their own government.

It makes no difference, the checks won't help the economy anyway. People only use the money to pay down debt, they don't go out and start businesses with it. It's been tried several times already, didn't work then and it won't work now.

It's a political move in an election year. They appear to be doing something to help, but in reality they are doing nothing. The best way to stimulate the economy is to lower taxes. That helps business grow, creates jobs, and allows us to keep the money we earn working.

The rebate is taking money from us in the future and giving it to us now. It's like using your credit card to make your house payment. Stupid.

Giving out more food stamps and extending unemployment is a typical move for a democratically controled senate.

Vote buying, that's all. It's unfortunate that it works, helping to prove my theory that most americans aren't qualified to vote.
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