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Default Forest Certfication... its here to stay!

This was sent our club President form the Chairman of the Advisory Board

I just recieved this notice and think it will help all to understand what we're up against in our State, in our sport. This is a nation wide effort and it's bigger than all the riding groups together. You, me and anybody on the trails need to learn this lesson you are about to read.

Learned at a meeting yesterday, MDNR is hiring 25 more CO's.

There are two words, we as ORV users must firmly implant in our vocabulary. "FOREST CERTIFICATION" The time is now, that we must ourselves, and strongly encourage others to positively stay on the "designated trail". Unless local ordinances provide other riding opportunities.

"FOREST CERTIFICATION" is a worldwide effort for us to keep healthy forest and Michigan is part of that effort. "FOREST CERTIFICATION" is vital to Michigan's economy as the forest industry is a 16 BILLION dollar business for our residents.

"FOREST CERTIFICATION" means the forest is inspected for various conditions. Health of the tree's, encroachments and a host of other things. Spur trails, illegal camping, and many other things, will disqualify a forest from being certified.

Without certification, means our timber products do not receive suitable grade stamps and devalues the sale of lumber placed on the market, to near junk. Example, wood cabinets to be sold in a box store, must have the lumber coming from a certified forest.

Our world is a changing place and we as ORV users must step up to the plate and be a part of that change. We do have some relatively simple choices. Stay on the designated trail, if we choose not to, expect a conversation
with a CO. If we continue to disregard their warnings or citations, we can expect to loose the use of public lands.

It is in our best interest and of great urgance, for us to inform all users we come in contact with, to "STAY ON THE DESIGNATED TRAIL"!

Thanks for your message and support, Dick Ranney
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