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Originally Posted by Grizzy View Post
Whiterhino: Of course I know Steve H. He is a living legend up here in the north country. Seeing as we are both veteran wheelers there is no reason for us to be battling words. As for some of the comment made, you know who I am referring too. You obviously wheel your rig, so it doesn't apply to you. But you, as well as I, have seen and met plenty of people that have what I described and their rig never sees anything more than a two track. And people displaying fear of hardcore wheeling wasn't a dig, it was an observation I have seen over and over throughout the years. I was actually very surprised by the way people would shy away and pull back for the ideas of wheeling terrain like Charlene's property. To be honest, it amazed me. Now I know not everyone wants to wheel that kind of terrain, but you'd think someone with a Jeep sitting on D60 and 38" or 40" tires would want to do more with their rig than run up and down the dunes or roam around two tracks that never change elevation more than 100 ft.

I did take note that you started this thread and thought it was great that someone else was helping to promote that area. What do you say instead of duking it out on the web, we get together and wheel the hell out of Charlene's property this fall and have a great time doing it? I'm a lover(of wheelin), not a fighter. There's no point in two people who love doing the same things to be at odds.
You are right, there are a lot of nice rigs who never see any action and for a newbie going to Charlene's, an experienced spotter is a good thing.

Nuff said and I'll take you up on the offer. (we'll just leave the beer for the campfire)

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