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Originally Posted by Grizzy View Post
Whiterhino- seeing as you appear to be king wheeler, this offering isn't for you or up your ally. Since you want to be an ass about it, then leave it alone for those that COULD use the help and experience to further their wheeling abilities. At no point was it stated that " this is the only place I can learn to wheel along with your expertise?" Not everyone has your natural born master wheeling skills to conquer 4+ rated trails and ascend hills and rock faces others would run away crying from. And seeing as you have OBVIOUSLY wheeled up Ridge Run without winching, made it through the toughest lines on Rock and Roll, and climbed to the very top of the run starting at the Stairway to Hell without anyones help........then go ahead and keep yourself on your pedestal and forget the other less talented wheelers out here.

There are a lot of people out there that have no clue how to tackle this kind of terrain without destroying their equipment. There are a lot of wheelers that don't know how to pick out a good line on 100 ft of boulders. And more than anything else, there's lot's of wheelers out there that are afraid to take that next step to further their abilities due to assholes who will make fun of them instead of helping them learn what to do to succeed. If you don't need that, then go by yourself. If someone wants someone to help guide them into places and trails they would have never thought of trying themselves, then this if for them.

Whiterhino: If something doesn't apply to you, then let it be and don't knock it just because you feel you are better than what it offers. Just by your comments here I'm certain that you have offended some and turned others away from doing such a weekend that could be the time of their lives and a great experience. Way to be considerate of others....
Hell Yeah! x2

Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post

The above statements made you pretty much come across as the god of wheeling.
no way
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