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News flash:

Any street legal vehicle CAN be considered an emergency vehicle, during an emergency.

The laws that that you must have flashers and some type of audible warning.

On your car, this is your 4-way flashers and your horn.

In the event of a true emergency, this allows you legally to use emergency turnarounds on highways. That comes directly from the state police and OCSD.

I'm sure you can be ticketed for this, since cops will ticket you for all kinds of things, legal or not. Most likely, if you were doing things smartly and not obstructing traffic, you would have no trouble dropping a ticket in court. Now, doing something like blocking a freeway cloverleaf ramp to strap someone out, that is going to make a cop be a sad panda.

Keep in mind that someone who went pretty far off the road can be ticketed for reckless driving, or other moving violations. You pulling them out denies a potentially bad driver from getting a ticket.

I've pulled many out of the years, but I don't think ever from something like a deep median. Just from the snow drifts on the edge of the road or similar.
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