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This is what I sent... Has anyone heard back from their letters?

Dear Editor(s),

I would like to voice my concern over the pictures you show in the recent magazine article on the $25,000 soft roaders. Many of these pictures show wheeling that appears to be illegal in the state of Michigan. Our trails in this state have been getting closed for years because of the uninformed, irresponsible wheelers out there. Though they are the minority it is hurting those of us fighting to keep our trails open, especially those trails that actually need four wheel drive in this state. Now I pick up Car and Driver only to see what appears to be illegal wheeling across the pages. This encourages people new to the hobby to try and do the same when they visit our state, and is very irresponsible.

Driving on beaches and in closed areas while fun and making for a good photo is not legal here. As an avid enthusiast that helps fight to keep our trails open it horrifies me that these pictures have made it into a national publication. This puts the offending pictures out nationally so we have to fight even more people from trying to close what little land we have left to utilize. If you had a guide, I would encourage you to research who you are hiring to guide you a little better, and ensure they have the credentials and knowledge to take you around the area that you would like to go. While Michigan is supposedly a recreation state, it is already very unfriendly toward the ORV/OHV crowd, please in the future do not give them more reasons to continue in that direction. I would like to be able to take my children out on the trails with my old Willys or even my YJ. The way things are already heading this may not be a possibility in the future. I would encourage you to print a retraction, or some sort of article explaining that you do not encourage illegal wheeling, nor do you condone your own actions. I would also encourage you to point readers toward the Tread Lightly organization, United Four Wheel Drive Association, Great Lakes Four Wheel Drive Association, or the Blue Ribbon Coalition as a place to see how to properly use their ORV's/OHV's out on the trails.

Thank you for your time.

J. Meganck.
Owosso, Mi
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