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Originally Posted by steveo View Post
wheres the new pics tim?
I wasn't gonna post these but ok, here they are.

Flame me if you want, but I am going to be using this vehicle to wheel, AND for PR for my Auto Service Program for student recruitment, community education, funding, etc . Like it or not, bling sells to the non-tech people. So there has to be some bling. And anyway, those of you that know me, know I like a little bling.:tonka:

This is going to be so kick ass when it's done.

Student designed combo stealth sub box and storage unit.

Laying the dadoes or however you spell it

Front view

This is a good view of what it will be. Bottom center is the sub, top center is small storage for tree saver and a set of gloves. The 2 side compartments will house things like rain gear, spare shoes, change of clothes, towels etc that are soft, needed on a trail ride but but you don't have to get at every time you stop.

picture looks funny, but that top board IS straight....not cock-eyed.

There are plans for side pockets and some other stuff. It's no where near done yet. The angle of the box matches the angle of the rear seat and comes right up to the top of the seat.

Entire design was done by an 11th grader. He's not super mechanical but he really got into this part of the build. He did a cool drafting style drawing of it in...get this...publisher, and when it came time to build it, his measurements and angles were almost perfect and his sub enclosure volume was right in the middle of spec for the sub we are using. Wait till you see that baby. 24 pounds of pure thumpita thumpita.

Here is the Ultimate Air tank. I stripped the paint and re-did it with some bling.

This is a CO2 tank for doing all kinds of crap with. One of the handiest things I have in the Jeep. Fills tires, runs air tools, welding shielding gas, fills pool toys, blows dirt out of the holes that the bases go in for T-Ball....all kinds of uses.

Talk to Brian, he will hook you up. A Michigan guy building stuff in Michigan. He even wheels....well...when he doesn't need a motor.:tonka:

Stripped and sanded, then base coat, then clear coat. I have used the crap out of this thing. It was really banged up.


We'll be working on the front bumper this afternoon so I should have new build pics soon.
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