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Default Ever wonder what our neighbors get for their money?

this the complied laws from Ohio. this will show you how bad the state of michigan is ripping off its users, they have ONE FUND! they do not spread the wealth through six or seven different user groups, everyone pays the same fees...even mountain bikers

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 4519-
see Ohio Revised Code chapter 4519 for online details
  1. Registration All ORVs (off-road vehicles- ATVs, dirtbikes, snowmobiles) must be properly registered with the BMV.
    Registration costs $7.25 and is good for 3 years.
    The alphanumberic sticker must be affixed to your machine.
    All ORV owners will need to present proof of ownership when registering their vehicle with the BMV.

  2. Operation Regulations
    An ORV may be used:
    • to cross a highway other than a limited access highway or freeway
    • on county and township highways whenever approved by those having jurisdictional authority over them
    • off and alongside streets or highways from the place of unloading the vehicle to the place at which it is intended and authorized to be used
    • on the berm or shoulder of any highway, other than a limited access highway, or freeway when the terrain is such that the vehicle can be used safely
    • on the berm or shoulder of a county or township road when traveling from one area of operation to another
    An ORV may NOT be used:
    • on any limited access highway or freeway or the right-of-way
    • on any private property without special permission of owner or in any nursery or planting area
    • on any state-controlled land or waters except those which have been posted as permitting ORVs
    • on track or right-of-way of any operating railroad
    • when carrying a loaded or un-cased firearm, bow or other hunting implement
    • to chase, pursue, capture or kill any animal or wildlife
    • from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise, unless displaying a lighted headlight and taillight as required under equipment regulations
  3. Licensing and Restrictions Persons under 16 years of age must be supervised by a licensed motor vehicle operator of at least 18 years old.
    Any operator involved in a an accident resulting in personal injury, death, or property damage in excess of $100 to report it to the state highway patrol with 48 hours.
  4. Protective Gear No specific mention is made, although good sense predicates the use of helmet, goggles, and boots as a minimum.
  5. Insurance No mention is made as to whether liability insurance is required although they request you sign a document stating that you in fact DO have insurance similar to
  6. when licensing an on-road vehicle.
Don't forget to read this

its the best thing that could happen to michigan if someone could get it on the table and into our senate. it would open riding on private properties all over the state.
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