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This has to be one of the best things I've seen him suggest doing yet I guarantee that this is not an item that any even remotely intelligent person would get a patent for. He is clearly blowing smoke and just talking crap so he can hear his own epenis voice.

How many ZJ cages do you think could possibly be sold----no where near enough to justify a patent.

Originally Posted by Roadhouse View Post
And if I remember the rest of the story correctly Anthony was suing James over the whole thing. Then didn't show up to their court date, so in turn lost or the case got dismissed.

You are 100% incorrect.. I sued him for the balance due. He never attempted to come after me because I had numerous signed waivers and plenty of people there when he was told it was not done / ready / no where near ready to leave. It was not dismissed, I was issued a garnishment and he was so damn dumb that he actually left money in the account that I was garnishing.

Originally Posted by Ironman View Post
Depends on who you believe, was it finished or not? If someone said you can take it wheeling but it needs to travel on a trailer down the road, sounds to me like that person thought the steering was finished. Whether your trail riding or road riding the steering is always a factor.
Funny :miff:, if you would like I can scan the waivers that clearly spell out how this was not any where even close to a finished project and should not even be leaving the shop.

Anyways back to the comical thread

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