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Originally Posted by AGoodBuzz View Post
Wow man... Very interesting.

I wish you could stop calling liberals "whiny" though. I am a progressive and pretty liberal and there's nothing whiny about me. I just want solutions to the damage we are doing to our ecology and economy, and I believe we all should get healthcare, just like all the other industiralized nations of the world.

I kind of like the whole hydrogen and fuel cell thing, but don't know diddly about it, but the way I see it, if we go with hydrogen, mpg becomes immaterial, doesn't it? Please... Enlighten me. :dunie:
I didn't make myself clear - I don't think all liberals are whiny, just that the people that feel wronged by GM taking their cars back. Liberal isn't always a bad thing to me either.

Fuel economy with hydrogen will still be an issue, if only because it will involve processing another resource to get it. Just like plug in hybrids seem cleaner, emissions and energy-wise, but it also depends on where the energy is coming from. i.e. coal-burning powerplant w/o scrubbers?
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