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Originally Posted by Haggar View Post
By subsidized, he meas the EV1 cost $xx,xxx more to build, than it was sold for. It was a small scale experiment, not designed to make money, so they take the hit. Even in mass production, the costs don't work out.

The camry is not a compact car, sorry, try again.

Vehicle to vehicle, there is no significant difference between Asian, European, and American vehicle MPGs.

What is in everyones heads are things like old Civics, which were designed for the japanese market and sold here. If we actually sold JDM or EDM vehciles here, yes, they get better MPG, because they are small and low power.

Japanese manufacturers now design their cars for the US market which wants bigger and more power. The US Accord is not sold in Japan, the japanese version is smaller with smaller engines.
Uhhhhh, the US Accord is sold in Japan (Honda Inspire).

The EV1 was "subsidized" because it was small scale. You are assuming it would have lost money in mass production. The car was created AND discontinued because of the political climate of the time. Think really really hard about the cost difference between a gasoline powertrain and an electric one.

There is very "little difference" between asian and US vehicle mpg TODAY. US cars are catching up but the standard is set. See my 'lag time' comment above.

And what is camry these days, midsize? Large car? Does it matter? No.
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