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"Here it goes. I had my first toy built by a shop. Don't get me wrong when I tell you how the accident happened, the person who owned the shop is a great welder. He had done some work for me before and I have seen some of his previous builds as well.

How ever he had some of his employees do the build of my first toy, a 1995 Jeep XJ Country. In doing so the project was rushed and and while driving during the first 24 hours after leaving the shop the drag link (bar from steering box to axle) came loose and caused me to lose control of my vehicle. I couldn't steer and I went straight into a guard rail on a curve, when I hit the rail it made my tires turn to the left and then made me do a 180 and slide across the ramp. That is when I was hit by an on coming car coming up the ramp.

I was only doing like 25mph while sliding across the ramp but the car that hit me was doing about 50mph. He hit me on the driver's side of the Jeep and I literally climbed up his car until I rolled onto my side and into the guard rail crushing the roof.

Damages; roof was crushed in obviously, front suspension was pushed back about 6" and bent the heck out of all the brackets, bent the passenger side control arm (front), broke my hydraulic assist ram, broke the track bar, bent the tie rod (adjusting bar wheel to wheel), bent the uni-body, bent the cross member, cracked the flares on the passenger side, flipped the passenger side mirror into the windshield, bent the front axle, bent both front spindles, shattered the rear hatch, broke out the rear hatch glass, and broke the driver's seat loose.

Everyone came out fine and I was thankfull I had my seat belt on. "

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