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Originally Posted by Tab View Post
If its the same guy (I'm fairly certain it is) he was having Koz do a bunch of work, actually the whole build, he wanted to take it somewhere like the mounds or something. Koz told him "no" that it wasnt even close to being finished and that it was unsafe. He insisted and promised to trailer it to and from the location and took it from Koz's shop. Later he was driving it down the highway at legal highway speeds and he crashed it. I dont know what failed (if anything because I think it was snowing also) or who was hurt, if anyone. Then he posted some anti Koz stuff and got slammed in the thread because he should have never taken an unfinished product on the road. But thats all I heard and know nothing of any lawsuits or damages ect.
x2. it was snowing as I recall as well, and from the pictures that were posted. he then posted pictures of the tear down, and subsequent building of this jeep.

same guy - "Anthony". he used to (may still) own a company that did a lot of contract work for charter cable (installations and such), as well as a couple of other ventures.
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