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Originally Posted by RyeBread View Post
his patent, if ever approved will be fairly narrowly defined to his particular design.

think about this for a second. how many ZJ's are there out there that want to be exocaged, and will buy a 'production zj exo cage' ?

there are relatively few people in this 'sub market' that want to buy a 'hardkore' zj - those that really want one will probably save some coin and build/mock up their own exocage. a cage that would be more than likely slightly different with respect to tubing, diameter, weld/joint type, angles, etc, etc. and thus not violate his worthless patent, that may never be approved regardless.
x2 patenting that exocage is to boost his ego. he will spend between $8 & $16 thousand on a patent. he should have hired a marketing agent. you patent something to protect your idea. not too many people are going to rip off an exocage for a ZJ with the intention to product it and sell it.
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