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I dont disagree that OTHER government mandates are interfering with developing vehicles that get better fuel economy, ("safety" and emissions equipment) but the guy is wrong about a lot of things.

the 2008 civic is RATED at lower mpg in 2008 because of a change in the way they come up with the number, not because it gets worse mileage

electric vehicles are NOT limited by demand and they have never been. They are limited by the automakers. There has always been a demand for them, but car makers refuse to make them in any quantity - if you only build 100 of them OF COURSE they are going to be expensive/not profitable. If you knew anything about the GM EV1, it was a successful car ESPECIALLY for its day - and it ran on lead acid batteries- IIRC capable of an 80 mile round trip WITH the A/C on.Toyota had a fleet of electric RAV4s in california that were driving farther than that

If you think 80 mile round trip isnt enough for most people, think of a standard car lease today at 10,500 miles per year. that works out tobe something like 30 miles per day. Well within capability of even an electric designed 15 years ago (EV1)

Unfortunately this is one of those areas where government is going to have to force innovation ahead of the free market.
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