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Default Need some subwoofer advice...

For you car stereo guys...

I need a 12" sub.

Power handling doesn't need to be all that high, maybe 300-400 RMS.

I don't want to spend a fortune, but I don't want a piece of crap either.

The box i'm putting it in is a 1.05 cubic foot sealed enclosure with outside dimensions 22.25"Lx17.25"H. Its a wedge so D1 is 4.5" and D2 is 8"

Depending on the profile of the back of the sub it looks like i need a sub that has a 5" mounting depth. Thats actually the problem i'm coming up with is finding a sub that shallow. Most are like 6.5" and up.

I'd like to keep the box I have, but if i need ot get a new one i need to get a new one. I'm hoping someone will know of a brand that fits my nazi like criteria.

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