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Originally Posted by clarkstoncracker View Post
Hey, didn't you used to own a set of 37" iroks? Didn't you try to return them?
owned them and so did my dad, busyfixn now owns them... I'm not sure if I tried to return them or not, I might have but I know I didnt pursue it much.... just not worth it in the end since there was nothing else close in a 17" wheel.

Originally Posted by busyfixin View Post
what does tire size have to do with air shocks? i havent owned air shocks, but i have driven them a bit. they are great for their application, but that application is not a 10,000lbs rig with 2500lbs of unsprung weight. bombing around on the cali freeways at speed would overheat air shocks in very short order.
on a 2.0" SAW they are good for i believe 900lbs of sprung weight per corner, or not enough for a big old truck. 2 per corner is sufficient, my bet is they are used for the simplicity to raise and lower the truck quickly for ghey truck shows.

my dad runs his truck on the road at highway speeds for hours at a time and has never had any of the effects of an "overheated" or even hot shock, I dont see how moving 3" at 70 is harder (more friction) on the shock than moving 12" at 40.....

hosejockey and alumcj taering it up at the dunes on crappy airshocks

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