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Originally Posted by UP_ROKTOY View Post
show me 10 reviews that say they DO measure 37"

I couldnt find any.

Just because someone didnt complain doesnt mean their 37 didnt measure 35.

*edit* I recant. Show me 5 Reviews in the same amount of time I searched 10-15 minutes. Where someone bought the 37 irok you bought where it DID measure 37.

Seriously, if you can not find one review that says " wow these 37 iroks are awesome they measure a perfect 37" why would you buy them?

Again I didnt see any. Or I would have posted it for you.

If people don't complain about them, then I just have the manufacturer specs to go off.

It all comes down to, the manufacturer falsely advertises, and I called them out, and won.

Its not my job to interview 1000 people to find out how tall their tires are. I should be able to go to the manufacturer site, and look.

If more people had the balls to go through this headache, I bet those numbers would be changed.

I know of two people, who weren't happy, but couldn't go anywhere. I had to pay my lawyer to draw up some paperwork to get them to listen to me.

I'm not going to be abused and lied to by any manufacturer, its not going to happen.
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