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Default If you want to vote Democrat

Thats two piss poor choices. Shes an outright communist and I can only imagine the social programs he will come up with. There will be major tax increases if either of them get in. She was shot down because of her medical care ideas during BillyBob's presidency. It was called a gatekeeper system. It profiled you by taking into consideration your age, previous health issues, family history, etc. If it started to look like your a waste of money they withheld treatment. I'm not talking about being 98 years old with massive cancer and not getting treatment. I'm talking about stuff they do everyday right now. Its socialized medicine, national health care, it always sounds like a good idea until you find out the real cost. There are no free lunches.

Can you imagine whats being said in the Clinton household lately. Do ya think there may be a racial "slur" or two. :)

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