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As far as I'm concerned, Jim is 100% correct.

In my opinion, the forest road definition thats currently on the State of Michigans books should be considered the single most serious problem all full sized 4x4 vehicle use is now facing, SOS licenced or not.

The way its begining to sound, to me, if a 2 track, by-way, trail or road (for lack of a better term) is NOT, by definition, deemed to be a forest road by local DNR law enforcement, [ie..NOT Passable in 2WD] and does not have any other qualifiers assigned to it, like an ORV trail marker, County Road Sign etc. Then as I'm begining to under stand it, that trail/byway is no longer to be considered an open road and can be closed to all further traffic. Its the DNR Law Enforcement Division's means of closing any now open 2track, trail, path, road etc.. on State Forest Land to full sized vehicular traffic as they see fit; actually they can close it to any kind of Off-Road traffic as far as that goes. Basicly, the local CO can bypass, at will, by invoking the forest road definition; the now existing Upper Peninsula's "open unless posted closed" laws/regs on any trail, 2 track, path or road within their jursdiction.

Talk about a gray area..... The way I see it,, unless some counter action is taken, any CO, on any given day, can issue a ticket or close a road on a whim. A person could legally run a road on Monday... Get a ticket on Thursday and return to see the whole thing bermed off and closed on Saturday. I realize its an extreme example in its brevity... but thats what happened to the Clear Lake here on Drummond in a short period of time. As I understand it, the same process is happening to other roads/trails on State Land across the U.P.

Without a better understanding of just how a "Forest Road" is truely defined on a State wide basis... or obtain a better understanding of just when the definition can be applied, or which user group it is actually going to be applied too.. {I did not hear of a single Hunter getting a ticket this past fall for using their 4x4 pick-up trucks on any of the same trails the Full Sized 4x4 folks were ticketed on this past summer} then in my opinion, each of us better check with their local CO to see what kind a mood he's in before they take their next Sunday ride into the backwoods.

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