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Originally Posted by Ironman View Post
A very big part of an event permit is the road bond payed out by the event organizer. This allows the DNR to do a survey of the permitted trails after the event to make sure no damage was done to trail. If in fact they conclude damge occured during the event the event organizers would not get their road bond monies returned.

This brings me to the "closed unless posted open" just becuase a trail has tracks on it does not mean it is posted open. Until the 2 wheel drive car law gets changed we are sh*t out of luck for trail riding with any challenge involved outside of the event permit.
I hear what you are saying. I guess what I am getting at is not everyone knows closed unless posted open. Further if you see fresh tracks or an "established" trail do you always look for a sign that states "hey check out this trail its open"?

My point is there seems to be WAY too many gray areas and these permit runs seem to gray those areas up even more....
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