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Originally Posted by user name
My mom has worked for walmat for a good 10 years. They are not smart they do however fire employies after about 10 years for no reason to keep labor cost down. Wal mart in my opinion is a evil corperation and thats probly the reason for blocking the bank.
well i meant compared to the retail environment. I am not comparing them to google or southwest, or jet blue, or apple as some model that you should follow.
I worked for J.C. penney in highschool, and in college worked at sears and homedepot. I never worked at Wallmart but from what i have read sam walton was responsible for computerized inventory, retail infa red scanners lots of innovation in retail, best inventory control in retail bar none. as of 2002 sears had a antiqutated inventory system that was a total joke. Nothing showed up on time, and if you looked up somehting it would say we had 6 model X ladders in back or X treadmills, and you go in the stock room and there is none. TOTAL joke. And they were doing 43 BILLION in revenue!! I think they were a top 5 retailer.

If Wallmart can replace a ten year veteran for 40 % less with a guy off the street, and the guy off the street can do virtually as good a job in a few days have the job down, and be 95 % as good as the vetern in a month, why not cut them loose? Keeping labor costs down is a good reason thats how they keep all the costs down. Doesnt build loyalty but then most peole only care about the botton price they dont even care if its good quality. Just the out the door price. Dont blame wall mart they are doing what they need to get people what they want. Go into the parking lots and yell at all the dumb cheap skates. They are the ones to blame. Wallmart is just giving them what they want.

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