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Originally Posted by SquirrelWJ
Hell, it sounds like one of my brothers from up here.

Clean, entertaining, little bit of a dork sometimes (OC, video games, etc.), but drinks on occasion and probably has an alcohol tolerance than you'd be envious of.

Only thing I'D personally be wary of is the "started my own software company" line. This reads "I'm trying my own thing, but probably won't be able to make the bills on time"
Interesting read on the self employed angle squirrel. Hal9000 is it a situation where you would both sign as co lessee's ? or is he subleting or is there even a formal contract for you 'cause he already signed and simply wants to rent out the other room on a month by month basis to make the bills easier.

If its a month by month thing and you get your own room i say go for it. Well meet the guy and shoot the shit with him and see if he is cool, if your avoiding closet gays is he lispy, tinny voice. See if you can some how throw a football at him and can he catch a ball? (thats gonna be hard to work into the apartment walk through i know! lol)

I never watched the OC but atleast he is open if thats his guilty pleasure, and heck maybe thats a joke and he is just really korny guy.:miff:

Its only one once a week.

I heard gays are good at cooking and really clean, and they have tons of hot girl friends so even if he is a homo it can still work out :tonka: The chics are hot on the OC maybe he watches it for the eye candy? maybe his girlfirend got him watching it, i have been forced to watch a girly show every now and then.

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