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Originally Posted by Bones View Post
Surely GLFWDA has final say in the ads and pictures posted in their publications. You mean I could rent a page and post naked women wheeling illegally in there and there was nothing GLFWDA could do?

And I'm not sure how an advertisement that shows illegal wheeling in a publication meant to promote legal wheeling, expand legal trails and grow a nation sport isn't ironic.... The laws in Michigan are so poorly written and leave so much room for speculatation that people who are trained in "tread lightly" and legal wheeling see a picture of a Jeep parked on a shoal beach (which is illegal aparently) and think nothing of it, since 50% of the people say it is legal, and 50% say it is not

I'm one of those responsible for reviewing the Boondocker before it goes out for print.

Sorry I missed it.

To be honest, I never even looked at that picture, specifically.
I saw the ad and was quite appreciative to have a new supporting business, nothing more.

I guess I'm guilty of being desensitized by big advertising. It's so 'ordinary' to see 4x4s portrayed in rustic conditions, that I don't even think about where specifically a location is and what the laws are for that particular area. Heck, I have no idea what the rules are for Indiana, or Wisconsin, or California - I've never been there to wheel. If a shot were posted of something as tame as a parked Jeep in one of those States, I'd have no idea if it were in a legal, or illegal, location.
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