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Default Weird or is it just me?

Alrighty, looking for another place in Ypsi/Ann Arbor area and have been surfing for the past few hours, found a place that looks alright from pics and has a nice layout, but i'm not sure of the person thats trying to rent the room out, what is the general thought?

"About me:

I'm 22 and I graduated from UofM last year (2005) with an Econ major. I took a job at Corporate Executive Board in DC. I was there for about 6 months, but now I've decided to start my own software company.

I really enjoy playing Poker, Chess, video games, and Soccer. I also like discussing such topics as Philosophy, Anthropology, Psychology, History and Business. I run to stay active and box once in a while at the Coliseum. As far as tv goes, I enjoy watching movies and sports mostly, but I do catch the OC on Thursdays with a glass of Jonnie W. - Black Label.

I like to relax with a drink on occassion, and go out every once in while as well. I am not a smoker, but I am definitely not against having one from time to time when I am out drinking.

I'm very friendly, respectful, clean, and responsible with payments. Open to having a female roommate, would not be weird as I do have a girlfriend, but I'd be down to have someone to play some video games with too. Looking for a Feb move-in. This place is seriously so nice. Please come check it out. (I will be posting inside pics soon.) Feel free to contact me with any questions.

RJ "

most the info sounded good, until i got to this point " but I do catch the OC on Thursdays with a glass of Jonnie W. - Black Label."


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