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Originally Posted by Bones View Post
I re-read the thread and I still don't see 100% if the shale beach itself is closed. Skip said you can't go past the green line, but the green line doesn't represent the waterline as it used to (due to water levels dropping).

If the shale beach is in fact closed, than there is some illegal wheeling in one of the pics in the new issue of the boondocker I just received :tonka: Kind of ironic.... and even illustrates even more the fact that no one knows what is legal and what is not.
I see Colorado and Silver Lake in the articles.
Like Ironman, I figure you must be talking about one of the background pictures used in Venture Off Road's advertisement (?).

I met the owner at the Tread Lightly! training seminar Venture hosted.
He's a heck of a nice guy . . .and a conscientious wheeler too.

If that's Shale Beach (I couldn't say because I haven't been there in many years) and if he didn't have a permit (Being a stand-up guy, I would figure he probably did), then I'd think he probably doesn't realize the possible issues surrounding the photo.

Being a certified Tread Lightly! instructor, I'd bet it would only take a short conversation with him to have the situation rectified. I'm sure he wouldn't want to present anything improper.

I agree though, it's NOT easy figuring out what's legal and what's not.
I've been trying for years and even today, we're still asking United's Attorney, Carla Boucher, for Legal Opinions to help clarify some of the rules. Federal land, State land, County roads . . . different areas with different rules (or are they?).

Originally Posted by alumitub78 View Post
Yes most of the trails I ran just last summer were marked with the orange triangle markers.

Your right unfortunately, these places are going to be taken away without us even having a word to say about it. All the obstacles on the island have always been "gray areas" but that has always worked out just fine. And now sense the island is seeing more and more off road traffic they will be shut down. And not because people are causing problems but because its easier to do that instead of maintaining and monitoring the areas. Like the clay pits, how are you going to hurt a big pile of clay? or marble head there may be a little erosion but not enough to cause problems. Same with shale beach, its a pile of rocks you wont even see the vehicle marks in a month or two. We need to try and get some of these areas set in stone as designated orv routes before they get taken away for good.
Triangles aren't enough.

The CCC 24" Cycle TRAIL System and the 50" ORV TRAIL System are both marked with triangles too. Their triangles will have ORV TRAIL on them, rather than ORV ROUTE (The system for all ORVs [us]).

GLFWDA, is working with the Drummond Island Off Road Club, DI Tourist Assn, DI Resort Assn, Jeep Jamboree, and a whole host of others to ensure that the system gets re-designated "AS IS".

For right now, things appear to be going as well as can be expected.
IF THIS CHANGES, GLFWDA WILL put out a plea to all wheelers to send letters and make calls to help us make sure get it gets done right - but not until it's needed. HOPEFULLY it won't be necessary.

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