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but if you hang your hat on the ORV route tactic, the route must be posted with the orange confidence markers. Are they?
Yes most of the trails I ran just last summer were marked with the orange triangle markers.

Quite frankly, it appears that there has been quite a bit of lenience on DI with the rutted roads, log jam and previously the clay pits and it is probably about to change.
Your right unfortunatly, these places are going to be taken away without us even having a word to say about it. All the obsticals on the island have always been "gray areas" but that has always worked out just fine. And now sense the island is seeing more and more offroad traffic they will be shut down. And not because people are causing problems but because its easier to do that instead of maintanig and monitoring the areas. Like the clay pits, how are you going to hurt a big pile of clay? or marble head there may be a little errosion but not enough to cause problems. Same with shale beach, its a pile of rocks you wont even see the vehicle marks in a month or two. We need to try and get some of these areas set in stone as designated orv routes before they get taken away for good.

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