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Originally Posted by Renegade II View Post
I didn't 'miss the point' and I do get 'to each his own' that's why I stated "I guess if you have a specific little lightweight 4x4......... :chiefwoohaw::chiefwoohaw::chiefwoohaw:"

My used, well maintained, standard cab, SRW, 4x4 1st gen Cummins was $2k not $40k+. Much cheaper than my time & materials are worth to build a smaller, purpose built trailer under the guise of 'MPG'. That's where I was coming from on that. And I didn't get the Detroit for the MPG, it was the only engine available.

Hehehe, that explains a lot. Some folks don't want to daily drive a 16 year old truck with less horsepower than a honda 4 cyl every day, or have a tow rig that sits 355 days a year. (I used to drive a fleet of 1st gen cummins work trucks, I would have no interest in one even as a part time tow rig)

One of the primary reasons someone builds a buggy is because they want something engineered exactly for their application, not trying to adapt a road vehicle to their purpose. I see this as an extension of that concept. A purpose built vehicle will perform better than a modified universal. Likewise with a trailer, IF you know what you are doing.

Again, to each his own. BTW, shouldn't cost more than about $750 to build a decent trailer, haven't seen a used one for $750 that didn't need just as much work and parts to make it in good shape.
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