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Originally Posted by Haggar View Post
A classic example of missing the point. Not everyone wants to spend $40k+ plus to 'save' money at the pump. Or wants to DD a 3/4 ton. And down here where I live, you don't get 20mpg driving a diesel 3/4 ton. And as detailed in the other thread, I know I've got 10mpg in my V10 while my buddies cummins got 14. That'd save me $250 a year in towing (again, for a $6000+ option)....

The average person in this hobby seems to think bigger is better. And that works fine for most. Some people like to think outside the box. To each his own.

The world seems to survive just fine with 4000lb boat trailers on a single axle.
I didn't 'miss the point' and I do get 'to each his own' that's why I stated "I guess if you have a specific little lightweight 4x4......... :chiefwoohaw::chiefwoohaw::chiefwoohaw:"

My used, well maintained, standard cab, SRW, 4x4 1st gen Cummins was $2k not $40k+. Much cheaper than my time & materials are worth to build a smaller, purpose built trailer under the guise of 'MPG'. That's where I was coming from on that. And I didn't get the Detroit for the MPG, it was the only engine available.

If you want a purpose built special trailer to accent a neat little rig or are doing it 'just to do it', that's just skippy, great 'cool factor' go for it that kind of stuff is real neat. But negligible MPG savings over buying a good used trailer for cheaper than time & materials to build one really shouldn't be the factor (as Hagggar so eliquently pointed out above in his spending more to save a little statement). Some of those pictured are pretty neat. I like the two axle one with the suspension that's towed by the Safari mini-van. I once saw a modified M105 trailer that had a flat fender on it, very cheap, single axle and heavy duty.

Good luck with the trailer, post pics when you start the build

edit: I just noticed that Hagggar spelled properly changes to Jesus :tonka:

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