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Wow .........
Ok with all the info over the last couple of days this what I got out of it .

Flat towing a 4,500lbs jeep is better on gas less wind drag ect......than on a trailer

My rig weighs 3,400lbs loaded ,a 900-1,000lbs trailer would put me at 4,400lbs
Seems like I would get better millage than putting it on my buddy's 2,000bs equipment trailer.

Remember I started this tread so its all about me ::chiefwoohaw:

Tire blow out and not safe on a single axle ? I would say thats BS(It is dangerous but not any more than loosing a tire on your jeep or road bike or dump truck ,air plain :chiefwoohaw:).
I would worry more about a front tire on my tow rig than a trailer tire dropping out. I have seen tandem trailers loss 1 then the 2nd one right after because of road debris hitting both bumpity bump 2 flats . and you just pull over.

Single axle being a pain in the ass to set up, sure some futsing around but not impossible .Worth it? maybe to me and not to a guy with allot of money and a big truck to pull a big trailer.

I have a buggy with no top, doors or license plate it has a low COG and would be nice to have a trailer to leave it on in the garage so when I wont run over to my buddys or the uncles farm all I have to do is hook on and go .( thats the bad part about having a buggy)
I think with a lite weigh set up it would help with fuel ,less rotating mass and mass to stop and keep rollin

Plus as stated in my first post I have some parts to build with /play around.It may end up 2 axle or single I don't know?
And a aluminum trailer is to dang expensive and a 16' weights 1,500lbs and cost about $5,000 .And will look like crap in a few years unless you acid wash it ,then cracks and you cant just weld a d ring on or a brkt. ect...(I have fixed to many horse and snowmobile trailers to ever own one).

Well thats all I got

Thanks again ,keep the comments coming and I will start a build thread when I get to it .Soon I hope .
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