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Originally Posted by greatpumpkin View Post
MOST trails on Drummond are tough. It was there own damn fault to take stock wannabe 4 x4 up there with inexperienced drivers. Body damage, QUIT Whining!!
I do not think most trails on Drummond are unsuitable for stock 4x4's. They did not go to Turtle Ridge (of course), just wanted some 2 tracks with good scenery. They knew that these vehicles were not up to hard wheeling, but needed a place to shoot the story.

Originally Posted by UP_ROKTOY View Post
How do you "test" something if you don't push it a little?

If they didn't want body damage they shouldn't have taken vehicles offroad.

Have you ever led a group of stockers on a trail ride? Did they all come back with no damage?
I think that this was the point in hiring a guide. With none of them knowing the island, they had to rely on someone to show them what was there. The guide knew the lineup of vehicles and should have adjusted the route accordingly. Some damage was to be expected, but I think all but one vehicle came back with something broken. Not fun for my buddy to call all the manufacturers and explain as well as getting them all repaired before they were returned (which I believe Car and Driver paid for on all of them).
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