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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
Since the concensus is to reduce weight and lower COG, does anyone have data to compare flat towing a specific vehicle versus putting it on a trailer? This would be a good indicator. Take your trail rig and flat tow it. Then stick it on a tandem trailer & check the mileage again. Since you are taking a vehicle on 4 tires and loading it onto a trailer with 4 tires, your difference would be COG and weight.

My suspicion is very little change.

BTW, what makes you think you will save 1 mpg?
I've done this with my Tahoe. Generally I flat tow as I don't have a trailer but I have also used tandem axle trailers on more than one occasion. Flat Towing, I can expect to get about 12 mpg. I've gotten higher but not since I put boggers on my Jeep. i think the best I got was 14 but that's very unusual. Using a trailer, I expect to get 10 mpg. I've dragged my Jeep to Virginia on one, to OSTC on a different one and partway home from drummond on a third and 10 was the magic number each time. I also notice the load alot less Flat Towing too. But that's a 1500lb weight savings vs. a few hundred too.

One thing I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned and maybe it's cuz the pics have dual rear wheels but I would never want to tow that much weight on a single axle, single wheeled trailer. Imagine how it would pull during a blowout. At least with a dually style axle you won't be completely out. As a unusual thought though, how about running an 8 lug axle and then using H1 rims with run flats as a precaution....
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