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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
Since the concensus is to reduce weight and lower COG, does anyone have data to compare flat towing a specific vehicle versus putting it on a trailer? This would be a good indicator. Take your trail rig and flat tow it. Then stick it on a tandem trailer & check the mileage again. Since you are taking a vehicle on 4 tires and loading it onto a trailer with 4 tires, your difference would be COG and weight.

My suspicion is very little change.

BTW, what makes you think you will save 1 mpg?

get me a trailer

actually flat towing the samurai with the liberty, i get about 14-15 mpg, i'd suspect with the addition of a trailer (probably coming close to Doubling the weight, I'd get 10-12 mpg and have a hell of a time moving it up hills.

I don't think Aerodynamics and COG play a big role in towing mileage (open trailers) because neither vehicle is aerodynamic enough to matter. Weight is probably the biggest killer, then coupled with speed. There are probably enough people with similar trucks to prove/disprove this

i could get 20 mpg flat towing the samurai with my sonoma at 55-60 mph, but at 70-75 that would drop to 16 mpg.

My advice, Get as small of trailer as you can and drive slow, remember its okay if a prius passes you
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