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Originally Posted by lgottler View Post
The review probably would be more beneficial if you could list all the previous tires and their sizes you have had in the past. Gives us a better idea of where your 9/10 comes from.



31X10.5x15 Goodyear at/s 7/10 Great street and snow tire. Good everywhere except soupy mud.

33x12.5x15 Super Swamper Thornbirds 5/10 shitty on road but better than expected offroad. They where great for keeping up the wheel speed in a 4 banger. Side lugs would bite in nicely when needed.

14X32X15 Goodyear race slicks 10/10 over 600 passes in a 10 second car and had to throw them out because of dry rot.

225X60X15 Kelley Chargers 10/10 I beat these things daily on my old Comanche and they would not where out. It took 4 years of beating to kill them. My Comanche had a built 4.0 that would beat up mustangs and camaros, it also cracked windshields twisting the unibody. Man do I miss that truck

205X50x15 Khumo Excstas (or something like that) 8/10 great street tire for the price, but seemed to where kind of fast, or I was cornering to aggressively in the old GTI.

225x75x15 Firestone load range C (i forget the model) 10/10 I got about six years out of these as a winter tire and they have between 1/4 and 3/8th's of an inch of tread left.

31X10.5x15 Goodyear rt/s "low milage winter tire review" 6~7/10. I've only put a few houndred miles on them. They ride smooth, but i'm not crossing my fingers for offroad. They might be a great dunes tire though.

28X10.5X15 M/T slicks 10/10 hook great even with no burnout on a 11 second Duster.

225X75X16 Goodyear SRA 8.5/10 Great street and winter tire, but most likley not a good off road tire. I'm running these on my 2wd Ram with a built 5.9 and they perform great on the road.

I've only owned two different YJ's and have ran the Goodyear AT/S, RT/S, and the Thornbirds and SSR's on them, but those are my opinions on some of the others tires I have run on a variety of other vehicles.
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