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Originally Posted by brimy311 View Post
I am not going to buy a Bigblock because I like the idea of being able to sell this truck in a few more years. It is hard enough to move my 98' gasser right now. It's more the market then the fact it is a gasser, I looked a ton of trucks before going with a new one, many are still for sale. I think the resale on Diesels is going to fall soon, espescially with all the fuel, emissions, and regulations crap.

My 98' gets 11mpg around town and about 13mpg on the highway. I only have been averaging about 7-9mpg towning 10 hours away through mountains and rolling hills. The biggest down side is not the mileage but the lack of power to maintain speed. I dont think you will get much better mileage in a diesel, but you will have the power you are looking for.

I am not worried about cost of repairs, cost of maintaning or having to work on it. I am pretty sure I am capable of that.

It's pretty simple, I have weighed the advantages or disadvantages of having a deisel and I have decided to buy a deisel truck. I plan to tow out west, tow for 16-20 hours to do some wheeling and I am not going to do that in a gasser.
Your right, with a 350, 5.3 etc or any small gas motor you are not going to do that.

Towing with my truck '07 5.3 liter anything more then 6 hours with a jeep behind it would get old, or I would have to go 60 mph.

For long trips and medium to heavy loads a diesel or a big block make the trip SO much more enjoyable.

Since the choices are not big block or diesel, the choices are diesel to diesel. I would recommend getting the better truck.

The engine is only one component of the truck, the dodge wins that in general. The cummins is just plain good. The duramax is good, but not as common.

The tranny comes next, stick or auto? If dodge, you probably should go stick, if chevy you must go allison. However even the allisons where out and fail.

IFS or Straight axle? At this point the only thing in my opinion that matters is outers, your never going to ask your truck to do anything that would break the ring and pinion, its a tow rig. Which wheel bearings and brakes and ball joints and half shafts/axle shafts are more serviceable and tend to last longer? How important is ride quality?

Beyond those 3 components which are the main mechanicals and the main failure points you come down to interior, looks, etc. Personal opinion stuff.

I like the chevy better, but I think they tend to cost a bit more.

Happy truck shopping, its fun, and frustrating all at the same time.
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