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Originally Posted by Haggar View Post

If you drive 10 miles daily, I'd really recommend against it. Buying used, you'll probably pay $5000 minimum more for the diesel, and be paying 10-15% higher fuel prices, plus higher maintenance costs, that will eat up any fuel savings you'd see. You'll be idling for 15 minutes every morning to warm up.
Why would you idle for 15 minutes?
And using a test lab and synthetics you can extend your oil changes. The new gassers with their dual plugs and coils are much more expensive. Diesels are penny pincher on maintenance. Even the oil filters are cheap, I don't know why.

The resale alone makes up for the extra cost, think investment.

There are so many myths about diesels, "not good if your only going to drive ten miles", extra costs. what a bunch of hoowee.

Get what you want, or when your in right lane watching the speedo drop like a two dollar whore and the reality of 7 miles per gallon sink in, you'll wish you had.
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