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Originally Posted by brimy311 View Post
This is exactly why I have had a hard time deciding, seems it is always about 50-50 which ppl prefer.

Chevy Pros:
Nice Ride
Quitier Desiel
Nicer Interior
Newer body style
Smooth shifting automatic

Chevy Cons:
Lower fuel mileage
More expensive
Possibly shorter lasting Engine? (not many ppl running 200k+ trucks yet)
Push button 4x4
Possible Injector Problem

Dodge Pros:
Cummins proven motor
available in 6spd manual
Better fuel economy
Lots of aftermarket parts
Cheaper/more available
4x4 shifter

Dodge Cons:
Same body style for almost 10 years
Crappy Automatic
Vp44 lift pump issue
Rougher ride
Louder Motor
That looks about right. I've had two dodges myself (96 and 00, both ext-cab longbeds), both towed well. driven a LOT of 91-06 dodge diesels.

I have a 96 dodge V10 currently, gets 11mpg empty, 9-10 mpg toying my toyota (9.5 mpg @ 75mph towing to tellico, likewise to harlan, for reference, overdrive on except hills), 3.55 gears, 135k miles with a raised cap on the back. I figure my toy/trailer's same weight as yours, they had the same tires and drivetrain..

If you are determined to get a diesel for a daily driver, I'd get the duramax with an allison. I think one of the biggest improvements in trucks is better automatics, they really help get things rolling. So many trucks (fords STILL) are saddled with 2.4x first gears and wide gear spacing.

If you drive 10 miles daily, I'd really recommend against it. Buying used, you'll probably pay $5000 minimum more for the diesel, and be paying 10-15% higher fuel prices, plus higher maintenance costs, that will eat up any fuel savings you'd see. You'll be idling for 15 minutes every morning to warm up.

I think the chevy is better to live with daily, better ride/handling, newer truck, etc. You might be able to go through the drive thru without turning off the motor.

If it was me, I'd go find a newer chevy with a 8.1 or maybe a 6.0. You'll be able to pick up 2-3 model years by not paying for the diesel. But I never do what the cool kids do.
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